Catherine Carter Acupuncture

Acupuncturist and Naturopath in Bristol



"I would highly recommend Catherine as an acupuncturist to anyone who is considering it and would like a calm, caring and knowledgeable therapist.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been allocated Catherine as the student who treated me at CNM Bristol. Catherine arranged all my appointments over a year in a highly professional and organised way. I found her to be very caring, calm and easy to talk to and felt completely at ease with her on every visit. She put me at ease, was calm and professional and extremely knowledgeable about not only acupuncture but also nutrition, alternative medicine and mental health. 

I decided to try acupuncture after the death of my Mum and was suffering with many symptoms associated with stress and grief. Over the period of time I was treated by Catherine, I saw vast improvements in my health, both mental and physical and learnt so much from her. She is so dedicated to her profession and genuinely cares about her clients."

R., Bristol